It started as a child in Hong Kong. It developed at art school, and it was put to hard work through years of working long hours designing in the fashion industry. My creativity has always been my driving force. One job led to the next, and years later I found myself spending more time on planes and in airports than actually creating. Having moved from fashion to tech, translating trends into smartphone design looked like the pinnacle of a storied career – but I felt lost and unfulfilled.

2020 became my turning point. Witnessing the world in chaos I realised what I already knew deep inside. I left my job and replaced the abstraction of corporate tech with the most basic of materials, the pressure of my hands and the dry heat from the kiln. I rediscovered my creative spirit, and ÅSLUND TSANG is the result.


Function, natural materials, timeless shapes and deep textures. No two objects are the same. Every ÅSLUND TSANG piece is designed, thrown, sculpted, polished, glazed and handled by me in the ÅSLUND TSANG studio in Stockholm. I work in small batches and each piece is unique – small variations in form and finish is proof of that and shouldn’t be considered a fault. Variations may include but are not limited to colour, texture, and size.


I hope you appreciate these small differences as much as I do!